Sunday, May 30, 2010

Law of attraction by Michael Losier

Law: The law of attraction will give you more of the same, both positive or negative.

The author starts with the importance of the words we use. For, our thoughts are made of words and our feelings are influenced by our thoughts. And hence the words influence our vibes. His emphasis is on "So, what do I want?" rather than concentrating on what we don't need.

Three steps of the deliberate attraction formula:

1) Identifying the desire. (Asking "So, do I want?". Identifying what we need from what we don't need i.e. contrast)

2) Giving your desire the attention. (Two interesting statements: "I'm in the process of <creating><ideal condition>" and the desire statement)

3) Allow it (Absence of doubt)

The author asks us to note down the proof of the law of attraction acting on us, which will help us in appreciating how abundant we are.

When I started reading the book for the first time it was very abstract for me. The book was not very attractive as my previous book'The alchemist'. So I tried for the second time and I realized I had done something without my knowledge during my 10th std. Before the start of my board exams, I scribbled on my study desk that I am going to score 480 on 500. Whenever I saw these words I will feel some urge to work towards it and I got a positive feeling whenever I sat to study. And I think it helped me a lot in achieving my target. After recalling this incident, the book made lot of sense to me.

One more interesting thing I noted from the book was allowing money to come to you. The author says for example simply allow a friend to buy a lunch who offers to do it. Instead of saying "Ah its okay, you don't have to buy me lunch", say "thanks, I would like that". This is very interesting for me because every time someone offered something or some credit for doing something, I thought it was humble to say what I did was nothing great etc. But once, my friend Rohan told me to simply accept the credit whenever someone told things like you look handsome, you did a great job etc. As I am slowly changing myself to accepting these, I am seeing a good change in me. Thank you Rohan :)

Off to the next book! :)

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  1. Very nice! :) Thank you for the summary of the law of attractions.. :)

    I agree with the written goal idea. Almost every self-help book advocates this - 'Think and Grow Rich' being one of them. Should look to implement this for my GMAT. :)

    As for compliments, I feels there's probably 2 steps..
    1) Accept it with a 'Thank you.. :)'
    2) Pass on the credit.. This is where you can really make an impression.

    For eg:
    'EB, your poster design for Sparkz was fantastic!'
    'Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it. Actually, I had lots of help and input from the entire team!'

    Another would be..

    'EB, you are looking VERY smart!'
    'Thank you.. I think my parents deserve a big part of the credit ;)'

    There's nothing like humor.. :)